Mastering the Art of Creative Non-Fiction


Aaron Kwittken is founder and CEO of KWT Global, a global brand strategy and public relations agency formerly known as Kwittken, with offices in New York, London and Toronto. He is a former adjunct professor with New York University’s School of Professional Studies; currently President of the Americas for the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO); and creator and host of Brand on Purpose, a podcast dedicated to uncovering the untold stories behind the most impactful purpose-driven companies and leaders.

Aaron is a Forbes columnist and contributor to The Drum, and makes regular guest appearances on CNBC, FOX Business Network and Bloomberg TV. His expertise has also been featured numerous times in the Wall Street Journal’s “Crisis of the Week” column. His modern management style and outlook has also been covered by Fast Company and Entrepreneur, and he often speaks at industry panels and conferences around the world, including the Cannes International Festival of Creativity and ICCO Global Summit.



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Areas of Expertise

brand strategy

Brands are being judged, rated and berated like never before. Analog forms of story-telling is still important but so is “story doing” and building authentic brand narratives distributed across paid, earned, owned and sponsored platforms using a wide variety of marketing tactics that are digital by design.

crisis & Issues management

I believe in comebacks and second acts for most people and organizations. It’s not always just what you do or are accused of doing, it’s about doing and saying the right thing and how you respond to key stakeholders. Proper contingency planning and preparation in advance will often stop an issue from becoming a full-blown business-disruptive, reputation crushing crisis.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers no longer buy great products, they buy from great companies. That’s what makes social purpose more than just a feel-good project. Done right, it’s a durable and increasingly important component of any business model today. By finding and actually monetizing social purpose and making better business decisions, companies can also help those in need and build a brand authentically — for profit and purpose.